The greatest challenge to introducing a new eLearning or training program is obtaining the initial budgetary approval for the investment. Obtaining approval for the purchase of eLearning and training programs requires a clear understanding of program benefits and how program implementation can produce measurable outcomes. Additionally, managers and employers must be able to see how online training and learning programs will help their companies achieve sustained growth and retain competent employees. These are the key online learning benefits to emphasize when obtaining budget approval for online learning and training programs.

The Flexibility of Online Learning Programs is Popular with Managers and Employees

Perhaps the most impactful advantage of online training programs is the flexibility afforded to managers and employees. Below are some of the many ways through which eLearning and online training programs offer flexibility to managers and employees: 

  • Training and learning can occur at any point in time
  • Employees can engage in learning from any location
  • If employees miss work, they can catch up on missed material later
  • Employees can learn at their own speed
  • Review of training materials can occur anytime
  • Employees who are already well-versed in an area can scan through that area quickly

This flexibility allows managers and business owners to dedicate more resources to business development and optimization of profits. And employees often appreciate the flexibility afforded by online learning programs, which contributes to their overall job satisfaction.

Eliminate Travel Expenses with Online Learning and Training

A major advantage of eLearning and training programs is the elimination of travel expenses. Below are some of the ways that online training programs reduce travel expenses for management and employees: 

  • It is not necessary to pay to reserve an offsite facility for training
  • There are no extra fuel costs for employees or managers
  • Wear and tear on vehicles are reduced, helping to prevent future repair costs
  • Managers and ownership do not have to spend money on offsite food or snacks

Employees are often thankful that they do not have to spend the time and money to travel to an offsite location for training. Managers, in turn, benefit from initiatives that keep employees engaged and enhance the likelihood of retention.

Free Up Time

Implementing an LMS will ultimately free up time for those managers and HR professionals that currently do trainings. Utilizing an online training platform creates the opportunity for learning content to be created and assigned once. Trainers no longer need to spend their valuable time in the classroom teaching the same content over and over again. They also don’t need to answer the same onboarding questions repeatedly. New and veteran learners can be assigned the content that they need and can view it any time. This frees up those HR professionals and managers to focus on the higher level jobs that you want them to be focusing on. They can improve processes and strategies on how to improve efficiencies, employee satisfaction, and ultimately, how they can make or save money for the company.

Online Training Success Can Be Measured

A primary consideration for management is the effectiveness of online training programs and eLearning initiatives. Fortunately, one of the best attributes of online training and learning programs is their ability to yield a clear measurement of program success. Below are some key metrics of success and how they can be measured: 

  • Program completion rate (measured by built-in analytics)
  • Skills learned (measured by submitted videos demonstrating skills in use)
  • Knowledge acquired (measured by an examination at the program’s end)
  • Satisfaction with program (measured by a satisfaction survey)

By providing measurable outcomes, online training and learning programs offer a quantifiable way for managers to gauge program effectiveness. Additionally, results provide a valuable means by which programs can be continually improved and enhanced.

Assessment of Satisfaction with Training and Learning Programs is Useful

Employee retention has become a key area of focus for many companies. By retaining competent employees, a company can prosper through the skill and resourcefulness of its workers. Efforts to improve employee retention should ideally begin on the first day of training for employees. Ideally, online training programs should result in a high level of satisfaction among new employees. By starting off on the satisfactory foot with a well-received online training program, an employer reduces the likelihood of premature termination. By incorporating a survey that provides feedback about satisfaction with training program components, an online training program offers valuable insight into the minds of new and existing employees. Training managers can then use feedback to amend learning programs to make them more enjoyable for future participants.

Online Training Programs are Easy to Update & Maintain

Company policies and procedures are continually being updated with new material. Examples of training and eLearning content that requires periodic updating include the following: 

  • Adjustments to cost or pricing structures
  • Changes to company roles
  • The addition of new skills that must be developed
  • Company organization charts

Traditional classroom training sessions with printed materials posed a challenge to training managers because the process of updating information requires reprinting of materials with each update. Outdated materials are often discarded, creating a wasteful situation. With eLearning and online training programs, content can be updated with minimal effort and no wasteful behavior. Employees thereby receive the most up to date information with minimal effort from managers.

How a Professional Online Training Program can Deliver Results to Your Company

You can further explore the advantages of online training programs by enlisting the support of training optimization experts. The Knowledge Anywhere team has provided eLearning solutions to companies in a wide range of industries for nearly two decades. Please contact us if you would like to learn how online training and eLearning programs can help your company maximize profits and control costs. We look forward to talking to you about integrating online training into your company’s operations!

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