To help the elearning industry function smoothly, there have been standards put in place to allow elearning content and systems to work smoothly together.

The standard that is currently most widely used is called SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model). Looking forward, there is a new standard called xAPI that is being reviewed and refined.

Although xAPI is not standardized or widely adopted yet, LMS professionals and LMS companies alike are excited about the possibilities it brings.

Why are people excited about xAPI?

  1. xAPI allows for interaction with a wide array of objects. It is not limited to interacting with elearning content within the LMS.
  2. xAPI creates activity stream data, enabling deeper tracking capabilities

What is an example where xAPI could be used for elearning purposes?

Say you are working at a cutting edge solar panel manufacturing facility and you find a helpful research paper on a new type of material. If that company is using an xAPI enabled LMS, that employee can read the paper and add it to their LMS learning records.

How is Knowledge Anywhere using xAPI?

Knowledge Anywhere has created an xAPI bookmarklet that allows learners, like the solar panel worker, to have a button in their internet browser that records selected pages in their LMS transcript.


Want to learn more? 

Here is a short video explaining xAPI capabilities and Knowledge Anywhere’s new xAPI bookmarklet called Knowledge Mark. Knowledge Mark xAPI explained.


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