Many organizations use partners as an important part of a company’s sales strategy. In order to have a successful partner program however, your organization needs to establish effective training for these partners. One of the most effective ways to train your partners is through a flexible, mobile, learning management systems (LMS).

What is partner training?

Partner training helps your business’ partners understand the features, branding, and selling techniques for your products.

Implementing partner training through an LMS can introduce a huge competitive advantage to your organization.

With an LMS, partners will:

  • Require less support
  • Be trained quicker
  • Receive the same quality of training

Through utilizing an LMS, your organization will also be able to easily scale a partner program, ensuring that your partners are up to speed with new brand and product information. This article will discuss 3 valuable LMS features that can help enhance your organization’s partner training.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud-based software that organizes and automates training for learners.

Hosting partner training on an LMS is great for several reasons, including ensuring that every partner aligned in understanding your brand, product features, and how to sell your product.

Here are three of the most valuable LMS features that enhance effective partner training.

Extended Enterprise

Through using the extended enterprise feature of an LMS, the training, branding and administrators will be unique for different partners. Extended enterprise enables organizations to create specific, separate online training experiences for each of their partner organizations while using one LMS.

Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly LMS gives partner training even more flexibility on when and where they access their training. It opens the door for just-in-time training. For example, if a salesperson wants to brush up on product details before meeting with a potential customer, they could quickly access a training video on their mobile device.

Advanced Reporting

Using an LMS for partner training has a lot of advantages. When it is coupled with advanced reporting, it becomes an even more powerful tool, allowing you to analyze and optimize your training. Advanced reporting will also enable you to understand and report on the value that the LMS partner training is bringing to your business.

Partner training is an effective way to increase sales in your business. Implementing your partner training program on a mobile friendly LMS with extended enterprise and advanced reporting features will bring even more value to your organization. 

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