​What Are Potential QuickQuiz Use Cases?

What is QuickQuiz? As a fast recap, QuickQuiz is an eLearning tool that is accessible on Slack. It allows anyone to create, manage, and deploy quizzes quickly and easily. Now that we’ve summarized the tool, how can you actually, practically use it? Below are just a few real-world examples of how QuickQuiz can fit into your training toolkit.


Test to see if your team was listening after meetings

After a meeting, send a Slack quiz to the group, asking for basic recaps of what happened. Not only does this clearly define the key takeaways; it pushes the information back up to top of mind. It’s a less painless equivalent to studying flashcards; the more you see information, the more you retain it! After meetings end, it’s easy to go your separate ways and get sucked into other work. Push your agenda up to top of mind with this simple tip. While you can use this tactic anytime, it’s especially useful while people work remotely! Although people may be signed into a virtual meeting, it’s difficult to tell engagement level if there is no face to face communication. With this trick, you can know who was paying attention and how successful the meeting was!

Remind people with a pop quiz

Employ microlearning with a pop quiz in Slack! Every once in a while, check to make sure everyone’s on the same page. New product roll-out? Ensure the sales and marketing departments understand the messaging. For technology and customer support teams, this could be a great way to re-enforce company policies and procedures. It can even be used company-wide to make sure employees know about new directions, benefits, or trends.


Onboard new employees easily

During the hiring process, some large corporations have hundreds or even thousands of applicants. This can cost HR reps time and resources to sort through. In the first few stages of interviews, companies can use QuickQuiz to evaluate serious candidates, with questions about how they would approach situations, company histories and policies, or use it to automate boring but necessary legal questions, such as citizenship, work permits, necessary certifications, or mandatory language requirements. This tool can also be used during onboarding, when new hires need to learn and retain new information quickly. Save company money by leveraging eLearning tools and get them up to speed as fast as possible!

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