Employee training is an essential part of any successful organization, and HR managers play a critical role in ensuring the effectiveness of these programs. 

In this article, we'll explore the biggest hidden mistake that HR managers can't afford to make - rushing to choose the wrong training platform. We'll discuss the consequences of getting it wrong, the role of HR managers in training, and common mistakes made when selecting an LMS. By the end of this article, you'll understand the importance of carefully considering the right training platform for your organization and how to avoid this costly mistake.


The Consequences of Getting it Wrong

When it comes to corporate training, the consequences of getting it wrong can be severe. Poor training can negatively impact a company's bottom line in numerous ways. For instance, high turnover rates, decreased productivity, and increased costs can all be traced back to inadequate or ineffective training programs.

Employee turnover costs U.S. businesses $1 trillion per year. (Gallup)


If you'd really like to be shocked, read Employee Turnover Statistics That Will Scare Your HR Team Into Action.

Increased costs are yet another consequence of poor training. When employees are not adequately trained, mistakes can be made, and these can be costly. For example, a mistake made by an untrained employee in a manufacturing environment could lead to a defective product that needs to be discarded or reworked, resulting in significant costs.

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The Hidden Mistake: Rushing to Choose the Wrong Training Platform

It's difficult - superiors want you to make a decision and every day without having training is costing your company money. It's no wonder HR Managers often pick an LMS vendor that promises the cheapest product or the fastest results. 

However much money and time choosing a system make save you initially, these costs will usually compound over time. Choosing the wrong training platform can be a hidden mistake that can have serious consequences for HR managers and their organizations. Rushing the decision-making process can make it difficult to migrate to a new platform in the future, and many training software providers may even keep your content hostage when you try to move.

If you start to feel your current LMS is not the right fit for the organization, it's usually more time and cost-effective to move earlier rather than later.

If engagement rates are low and the system seems like a dud, here are a few free resources that will help HR Managers determine if they've chosen a system that is not scaleable or has little Learner engagement:


How to Choose the Right LMS

As of 2019, there are over 800 Learning Management Systems competing in the training industry. That’s a lot of competition between plenty of qualified providers, so it’s no wonder that choosing the right training platform for your employees can be a difficult process. Here are a few steps that you can take to optimize the hunt for the perfect training platform and make it a whole lot easier to choose a personalized program for your organization.

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The Role of HR Managers in Online Training

HR Managers play a crucial role in employee training and development. They are responsible for identifying the training needs of employees and developing programs that meet those needs. HR managers also oversee the implementation of training programs, ensuring that employees are engaged and motivated to learn.

HR managers also play a critical role in monitoring the effectiveness of training programs and optimizing training programs when necessary. In all, HR Managers are deeply involved in the ins and outs of a company's training program, both in the decision-making process and the management of the program itself.

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