The path to improved productivity and employee satisfaction begins with an enjoyable, fulfilling training platform. Without a robust learning system in place, your business is more likely to lag behind your competitors and experience long-term problems. From increased turnover to brand confusion, the red flags of a lackluster training strategy are dangerous and should not be ignored. Below are seven warning signs your business needs a proven learning system today

1. Your turnover rate has skyrocketed

Few things are more devastating to a business than a high turnover rate. In addition to hindering productivity, a revolving door of employees can damage your company's reputation. Millennials are especially likely to leave employers prematurely, highlighting the need to devote increased attention to retaining them. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to help retain employees. Here are a few:

  • Train millennials in a way that makes the content meaningful to them
  • Set clearly defined goals and reward goal attainment
  • Personalize their learning experiences

A new Learning Management System (LMS) is a solution that allows you to achieve all three of these goals simultaneously. Whether you are still using traditional training methods or your old learning system is outdated, you can migrate to a new LMS with ease. Within a matter of hours, you can be well on your way to a more enjoyable learning process and a more engaged, loyal workforce.

2. Your onboarding process moves at a snail's pace

A person's first experience with a new employer should not be slow or unpleasant. Unfortunately, it often is. And few business owners realize just how detrimental a lackluster onboarding process can be. Results of a survey conducted by HR tech platform Hibob show that 64% of employees are less likely to stay at their new jobs if they have a poor onboarding experience.

Creating a more efficient onboarding process is vital to boosting retention and helping employees grasp your company's mission. And it also helps control costs. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) notes that a sound learning system with an organized online portal is an effective way to jumpstart onboarding and help employees hit the ground running right away.

3. Your customer reviews have plummeted

Your online reputation can have a major impact on traffic and revenue. With customer reviews serving as the building blocks for your reputation, it's up to you to take the necessary steps to improve your reviews. Here are a few ways to help you turn around an online reputation that is less than stellar:

  • Train employees on appropriate ways to respond to complaints and angry customers
  • Ensure that your learning coaches are armed with the latest customer satisfaction trends
  • Designate a member of your team to monitor your online reviews and respond accordingly

The Harvard Business School studied the impact of a one-star increase in a restaurant's Yelp rating and found that it led to a five to nine percent increase in revenue...This implies that a restaurant with $1 million in annual revenue stands to lose $180,000 every year due to a poor online reputation."

- Jonas Sickler, Marketing Director at Reputation Management

4. There have been several "close calls" due to safety or compliance lapses

Few things are more frustrating than accidents or "close calls" that could have been prevented with proper training. The best way to reduce the number of close calls is to create an effective online compliance program for your employees. Online training platforms that feature quizzes and engaging material can help make dull compliance topics more relevant and interesting. Additionally, an LMS can help training managers spot employees who are struggling with compliance concepts.

5. Your brand awareness is dropping

Brand confusion is dangerous. It can stunt your company's growth by reducing consumer trust in your products and presenting conflicting values. Sometimes brand confusion is so pronounced that even your employees are unable to articulate your mission or values.

The journey to improved brand awareness begins with a winning customer service training program that emphasizes your company goals and mission. Creating an outstanding customer experience should be a top goal for every member of your organization, regardless of their job title. For example, if you train your receptionist to say, "Thank you for calling Avante - your one stop shop for medical equipment," then you should train all of your employees to answer the phone the same way. This can be especially relevant for franchising, where the same brand may be geographically dispersed.

6. Your employees are dissatisfied

Employee dissatisfaction can lead to declines in productivity, increased absenteeism, and a host of other problems that can damage your company culture. Preventing employee dissatisfaction is critical, and here are some ways to achieve that goal:

  • Seek employee input: Ask your employees for suggestions to help you improve your training course development
  • Reward their efforts: Certificatescolorful badges, and gift cards can all help motivate employees to master their jobs
  • Know the signs: Poor performance, disengagement, and negativity are all behaviors exhibited by dissatisfied workers

7. Sales for your newest products and services are sluggish

Launching an innovative new product or service should be exciting for your employees. And when properly marketed and promoted by sales representatives, your latest product offerings should give your bottom line and industry reputation a welcome boost.

Unfortunately, the opposite can occur when employees are unable to quickly grasp key features and benefits of a product. Without a keen understanding of these selling points, your staff will feel less comfortable promoting your latest and greatest products and services.

Preventing this pitfall is best achieved by integrating just in time training into your eLearning system. With just-in-time-training, employees have immediate and easy access to the information they need to become familiar with your latest innovations. The end result is improved engagement and healthier sales.


The Bottom Line

The single best way to avoid the problems outlined above is to seek the guidance of an expert in the online learning industry. The online learning experts with Knowledge Anywhere are available to listen to your learning challenges and help you introduce a five-star Learning Management System. Contact us today to discover the many ways we can help transform your employee learning experience. We look forward to putting your organization on the fast track to improved employee satisfaction and retention!  

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