For the longest time, corporate training revolved around in-person training. In recent years, Learning Management Systems and online training or blended learning have taken over the L&D world, allowing workers to learn from anywhere, anytime. While current training technology is a huge shift in how things have been done in the past, we wonder what the next major shift will be within the eLearning industry. In this post, you will learn how an AI-powered LMS could take on new roles within a training system and potentially improve corporate training. People have different styles of learning and training is more effective when everyone’s preferences are taken into consideration. An AI-powered LMS can gather and analyze employee data, including skills, interests, workplace behavior, previous learning interactions, and more. This solution allows training programs to adapt to the needs of each employee. Here are the benefits of adopting AI in personalized learning. 

  • Saves time: Employees are able to achieve their learning goals quickly since they receive information based on their objectives and preferences.
  • Encourages Engagement: An AI-powered learning system analyzes each employee and suggests a learning program based on their objectives and past performance.
  • Automated Learning Process: With AI, you can create a learning platform where all materials, data, schedules, and programs are delivered, stored, and tracked.
  • Growing ROI: Faster learning, paired with higher engagement, leads to better learning results, which offers a positive return on an organization’s learning investment.

Integrating Training into the Routine Workflow

Companies that use the traditional methods may fail to integrate training into the routine workflow. Learners are usually dissatisfied with the schedule of traditional training and the mode of information delivery. Thankfully, an AI-powered LMS can create programs and schedules that can run during the routine workflow. This results in benefits like saving time, improved employee engagement, and an increase in the organization’s productivity. 

Reinforcing Training and Development

AI can streamline and improve the efficiency of the staff training and learning process. It can track the learners’ progress and estimate their understanding of the subject material. Even better, it revises the program when necessary to enhance training effectiveness. An AI-powered system can also provide insights into how and when employees learn effectively, enabling companies to design the best training programs. Finally, this system can diagnose issues. For example, when there is a poor completion rate of a course organization-wide, it can provide recommendations to avoid future repetition of the problem.

Providing a Remedy for Skill Gaps

A quality AI-powered LMS can quickly identify a company’s skill gaps by analyzing employee data such as behavior, interactions, skills, and job role. It can trigger an automated learning enrollment and identify and recommend a reskilling pathway for employees. This reduces the risk of losing their jobs to skilled individuals while cutting out managerial oversight. 

Reducing Administrative Burden with Virtual Coaches

An AI chatbot can handle a lot of work done by managers today. The chatbot effectively functions as a proactive virtual coach, answering all questions in real-time. It also monitors progress, suggests the best course of action, and sends push notifications regarding content and deadlines. Where necessary, the bot recommends the most relevant content. As a result, employees are able to learn at their own style and pace without compromising productivity. Remember, employees aren’t always rational - they may hesitate to work on areas where they are weak to avoid exposing those skills gaps to their bosses. An AI-powered LMS enables them to tackle their weak areas without humiliation, intimidation, or embarrassment.

Providing Intelligent Search and Auto-tagging

When you upload new content to your LMS, AI analyses the content immediately. It identifies critical phrases and creates tags to make the content easy to find with the search function. An AI-powered system is also able to facilitate intelligent search engines that deliver more akin details to the search experience. It will scan across all the company’s federated data silos to develop informative data and suggest relevant experts available for micro-learning opportunities. From this, learners will be able to personalize their learning journeys in a way that meets their needs and interests. Furthermore, the system will continue to learn as it is fed with more content, easily identifying learners who will find the information most useful. As such, employees using the search engine will find different content suggestions.

Evaluating and Expanding Learning Content

AI can identify and flag underperforming learning content, as well as hide the underperforming training assets until they are revised. The system can source new content automatically from external and internal sources to help an organization meet its demand for new and engaging content. 

Eliminating Employee Assessment Bias

No matter how careful we are, our biased views will inevitably creep into the assessment. Biases can make managers fail to identify and promote talent effectively or miscalculate or overlook flight rates with the organization. In a recent study, IBM officials claimed that an AI can predict which employees are likely to quit their job with 95% accuracy. With the help of an AI-powered LMS system, learning evaluation can be solely based on robust data analytics. That way, organizations can achieve data-driven identification of traits that could render an employee a potential future leader.

Final Thought

A good AI-powered system can provide numerous benefits for your business. However, it can be challenging to select the best system for your unique organization and successfully implement it. If you do not have the skills to accomplish this, it is vital to find support from a qualified partner with the knowledge and experience to help you succeed. Knowledge Anywhere is a corporate online training company that provides multiple types of training. These include custom course development, a Learning Management System (LMS), Virtual Reality Training, and more. Our training platform and a team of professionals will help you build the training and development program of your dream. Please talk with us now and allow us to take your corporate training to the next level.

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