​As the world changes rapidly, the importance of acquiring and retaining high-quality talent stays constant. Whether you are exploring remote work possibilities, expanding the business, reeling in new employees or simply trying to stay ahead of the competition, comprehensive training is on the agenda.

Let’s explore several reasons why HR needs comprehensive training solutions today.

1. Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Keeping employees happy is high on the list of every HR department. A satisfied employee doesn’t make plans for leaving the company, keeping turnover rates low. Happy workers are more productive and loyal. They help increase revenue and improve the work environment.

One of the highly important factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and retention is proper training. Many workers complain that employers demand the output they can’t provide due to a lack of information and training. More often than not, this happens due to a substantial workflow and a lack of time.

Effective online training solutions allow the workers to train when and where they need, without being dependent on a manager. Such an approach can improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

2. Efficient Onboarding and Orientation

In many industries, onboarding is a complex, costly, and time-consuming process. The time a new employee spends on training and orientation can mean lost money for the employer, not to mention potential travel fees for in-person, traditional training. During the training process, company is essentially paying salary to employees who aren’t contributing to the work process. Meanwhile, designated orientation supervisors can’t execute their responsibilities in full force since they are busy bringing new employees on board.

Online training solutions can substantially improve the onboarding process by giving new employees an opportunity to train as they go. By creating an interactive online training program, it’s possible to reduce the orientation time and take the pressure off the supervisors.

According to BambooHR’s report, more than 16% of employees quit during the first week. Many of them list “not enough training” as the reason. A well-designed online training program can improve new employee satisfaction rates and take some stress out of the onboarding process.

3. Remote Education

Today, more and more companies are opting to have their employees work from home. A year ago, Upwork predicted that by 2028, 73% of all teams would have remote workers. With COVID-19 ravaging the planet, the number of remote workers is growing much faster than expected, and it pays to be prepared with a remote learning plan. HR departments that implement them before emergencies hit look like training heros!

Remote workers need education and training just as much as on-site employees do and online corporate training is an integral part of their development. By taking advantage of comprehensive learning solutions, an HR department can increase work efficiency tremendously while providing a flexible schedule for both the worker and the organization.

4. Quick Compliance

In many industries, new work process requirements and codes appear on a regular basis. Keeping up and staying compliant could be an issue for HR departments. Ensuring that all employees are following the new rules is often time-consuming. Delays could lead to fines and other unfortunate consequences.

By taking advantage of just-in-time comprehensive training solutions, companies can make sure all employees get appropriate compliance training quickly.

5. Improved Output

The main goal of any training is to improve employees’ output. Employees don’t just get a new sense of purpose while acquiring new skills, they are eager to apply them. Proper training boosts the workers’ confidence and provides extra stimulation. Comprehensive training solutions also reduce duplication of the effort in the workplace, thus cutting costs. The time employees spend correcting mistakes due to improper training can be channeled into boosting the revenue.

6. Cheaper and Easier Staffing

From the HR department’s point of view, developing internal talent is the easiest way to fill the company’s roles. It’s usually cheaper to source skills internally. and the costs of recruiting junior positions are always lower than for senior positions, which is why moving employees from junior to senior positions within the company can cut costs.To achieve a smooth transition between the company ranks, proper comprehensive training is required. Generally, homegrown senior specialists perform better than external hires, mostly because of the increased loyalty to the company.

Even though it’s easier to bring an existing employee up to speed rather than train a new one “from scratch”, without proper training techniques, the effort may be futile. Online training solutions can help HR move employees up career ladders while saving money for the company.

7. A Powerful Attraction

Top-notch learning opportunities at the workplace is something that new talents consider when choosing a workplace. By developing comprehensive training solutions online, an HR department makes the company an attractive place to work in, thus simplifying the search for new talent. According to LinkedIn, 59% of employees join a company for better career paths or more opportunities. Working on training solutions allows the company to attract new talents by appealing to their desire to develop.

With substantial resources available to help employees develop new skills, the company turns into a powerful talent attraction force.

Take Full Advantage of Online Training Solutions

If you believe that comprehensive online training solutions can help your HR thrive, you can take advantage of Knowledge Anywhere services. We work hard to bring you a variety of e-learning solutions, such as the Learning Management System, Virtual Reality Training solutions, and Course Creation services. To take full advantage of our offers, please contact us at any convenient time.

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